Techno Bot

9 Month
₺66.66per month
Save 0%

₺599.97 billed every 9 month

1 Month
₺79.99per month
Save 50%

₺79.99₺79.99 billed every 1 month

Best Price
3 Month
₺60.00per month
Save 0%

₺179.99 billed every 3 month

100% Customizable!

A Techno Bot that you can change it's picture, name, activity, description. You can customize however you want and belongs to you.

7/24 Online!

With a custom bot belongs to you that wil run seperated from Techno Bot, 7/24 uptime guaranteed.

Pingless and Fast Experience!

With a faster network connected that Techno Bots, you will experience a faster and pingless bot

Yes! You can transfer your custom bot to any server whenever you want.

Custom Bot is a dedicated clone of Techno Bot that you can fully customize and access the cool features of Techno Bot at the same time.

Activation process might take up to 2 hours.

Yes! You payment is 100% secure. Our website is protected by SSL and it's communication is fully encrypted.

No! We are not able to do money refund due to limitations of our payment solution.

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