Techno Bot

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Best Discord Bot For Your Server

Highly featured and customizable discord bot for you and your perfect server

Feature Highlights


With the unique games in the Techno Bot such as word game, counting game, guess the music and many others; your members will never get bored


With the automation features in Techno Bot such as auto response, custom command and many others; you and your moderators won't have to do things manually anymore


With the moderation features in Techno Bot such as spam protection and many others; your guild will be a much safer place for members to hang around

User Friendly Dashboard

Techno Bot has a super user friendly and easy-to-use dashboard which you can control the whole bot. You can setup games, watch games in real time, see level leaderboard and much more!

Super Simple Bot

Techno Bot has pretty easy-to-remember commands and low ping timings. We also guarantee %99.9 uptime so you don't have to think about what happens if bot goes offline!

Bot Statistics

Total Shards32
Total Guilds31.97K
Total Users5.23M
  • English