Techno Bot

3 Month
₺14.99per month
Save 25%

₺59.99₺44.97 billed every 3 month

1 Month
₺9.99per month
Save 50%

₺19.99₺9.99 billed every 1 month

Best Price
9 Month
₺9.99per month
Save 50%

₺179.99₺89.91 billed every 9 month

Timed Messages Limit252
Auto Response Message Limit252
Reply to Users Message (Auto Response)
Custom Command Limit252
Basic Custom Command
Advanced Custom Command
Static Message Limit252
Reaction Role Message Limit255
Reaction Count Limit (Reaction Role)2510
Role Count per Reaction Limit (Reaction Role)203
Search Channel Limit per Kind51
Chat with Bot
Starboard Channel
Change Reaction Emoji (Starboard)
Level/Rank System
Reward per Level (Level System)
Leaderboard Vanity URL
Welcome/Leave Messages
Customize Cards (Welcome/Leave Message)
Give Auto Role to New Members
Role Count Limit (Auto Role)51
Quick Games (tic-tac-toe, etc.)
Word Game
Number Counting Game
Boom Game
Change Reaction Emoji on All Games
Customize Bot's Prefix

Yes! You can transfer your premium to any server whenever you want.

Techno Bot Premium is a subscription plan which unlocks various features that is not exist on free plan and extends limits for modules.

Activation process might take up to 30 minutes.

Yes! You payment is 100% secure. Our website is protected by SSL and it's communication is fully encrypted.

No! We are not able to do money refund due to limitations of our payment solution.

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