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100% Customizable Ads!

Start placing your ads immediately by adding your ad text and ad image in the space we offer you.

Track Your Ads in Real-Time

You can place your ads instantly on our website and track them in real-time. You can get the fastest results from your ads.

Show Your Ads to Thousands

Your ads will be shown embedded in our bot. It will be shown to tens of thousands of users and thousands of discord servers. You will grow the service you advertise quickly thanks to Techno Bot Ads.

14 Days
₺580per 14 days
Save 0%

₺580 billed every 14 days

7 Days
₺230per 7 days
Save 0%

₺230 billed every 7 days

Best Price
28 Days
₺925per 28 days
Save 0%

₺925 billed every 28 days

Your ads will be embedded in messages and games on Techno Bot. On Techno Bot with millions of users and tens of thousands of servers, your ads will get fast results. Also we will share your ad in the "ads" channel on our support server.

There is no limit to the ads you can place on Techno Bot! You can advertise your Discord server, your social media accounts, your business, your website, and anything else outside of the "No Advertising" FAQ.

Advertisements related to firearms or knives
Betting or gambling related advertisements
Ads related to violent content or incitement to crime
Advertisements with erotic or pornographic content
Ads containing content against Discord rules

First of all, the ads you want to place go through an approval process, if your ad is of a prohibited type, it will not be approved and cannot be published. Once approved, after you pay for the ad, your ads will be published within an hour on the bot.

Techno Bot has tens of thousands of servers and millions of users. The ads we give are instantly started to be shown on discord servers. It is a type that can get results quickly with the ads you give. If the ads you give are related to the audience using discord, you can start getting results from the product you advertise very quickly.

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